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SEE what i get...heee thanx to theaa..
appreciate sgt3!! n thank gak to  Hanif sbb buatkan award yg osem ni(^__^)

oklah sbb nk cpt, ni je yg mampu tulis..tomorow i hve 2 lecture..ni dah tgh mlm..
Nueron2, sel2 brain n anatomy strcture bnyk agi x study..huh..pening2..
ape bndalah Dr.Meriam bg lecre td..x fokus laa td dlm class (~__~)
ada 2 class pg esk,start 8.30 am ok!! 8.30 pagi!!diulangi PAGI..so ape agi,ok bubbay!! 
next post kiter citer pnjang2..heee~

nk taw pasal apa yg miss snoW study sem ni?
nk taw psl brain?central nervous system?autonomic nervous system segala?
nantikan DR. Miss Snow abis bt revision dlu laa ea..HEHEHE
klo tak nati ajaran sesat la jwb die..
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